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Gabi Axenbeck

Gabi Axenbeck | Verwaltungsleitung und Kitaleitung

Gerald Speckmann

Gerald Speckmann | Geschäftsführung

Janine kosmehl

Janine kosmehl | Stellvertretende Verwaltungsleitung und Kitaleitung

Ritvan Celik

Ritvan Celik | Pädagogische Fachkraft / Stellvertretende Kitaleitung

Nicole Lüdecke

Nicole Lüdecke | Pädagogische Fachkraft / Gruppenleiterin

Fatoumata Binta Barry

Fatoumata Binta Barry | Erzieherin

Petra Heinrich

Petra Heinrich | Kitaleitung Kita Marlenchen, Facherzieherin für Integration

Our Way to move

Since 1993, we have been a team of 15 educators, enjoying work in a mixture of traditional good collegiality and contemporary diversity. We are a team at different stages in our careers, in every age group, and with work and life experience from four continents. We are aware that the children entrusted to us come from all over the world! - and are guided by their parents and our
team during the most important stages of their young life. TEVBB e.V. established our first day care center "Kleiner Frosch (Little Frog)" and remains an active agent and our main shareholder
in an enlightened, post-migrant society. The association exists since 1985 with its seat in the Oranienstraße 34, 10999 Kreuzberg.

We especially emphasize the promotion of multilingualism, for equal opportunities. The motto for our staff training is targeted individual acquisition of skills to obtain (even scientific) knowledge - and imparting the learned to the team. We have experience with education channels in Berlin - on many levels. Our partner, the TEVBB e.V. (Turkish parents' association) exists since 1985. It was created in the former West Berlin by parents with a Turkish migration background. In the foreground then as now are education and equal opportunity for children of all backgrounds. TEVBB e.V. and TEVBB Soziale Dienste (Social
Services) actively represent an enlightened, post-migrant society across the relevant expert committees at federal and state levels, and in German education policy for multilingualism,
inclusion and cross-border equal opportunities. With the GEW and other unions we stand for a better remuneration of the pedagogical staff. At the Kreuzberg base, the club traditionally
actively involves young people of all backgrounds and their parents. For teens, it offers homework help and instruction, a supportive guidance for a graduated way to school with a good transition between education and professional life. We refer adults to the Senate for Labor and Social Affairs, the Senate for Education, Youth and Family and independent counseling centers. We work with recognition offices for qualifications acquired abroad and support the active integration of professionals. We also support active family work, cooperate with social service providers, and support and develop psychological counseling services for families.

Model Association

The TEVBB e.V. sees itself as representing the interest of people across all backgrounds, and as the voice of, in particular, Turkish-speaking parents, children and adolescents. It is an important contact for everybody, in particular within the education landscape in Berlin.
The TEVBB advocates active participation in education policy in the sense of a trans-generational and cross-cultural participation of parents and children. We are firmly convinced that meaningful education policy only succeeds if all participants cooperate with each other.
The TEVBB stands for a binding promotion of multilingualism, for equal opportunities, also under the aspect of inclusion as well as understanding in intercultural communication. The goal is to acquire skills for all in a society of diversity (divergence).

Model Social Services gGmbH

The TEVBB Social Services gGmbH supports the goals of the association. It stands for a cross-border and mandatory education offer for children of all ages, especially in the Kita area. We are committed to promoting multilingualism for children of all ages in a post-migrant and pluralistic society. We support children in forming a positive identity within the German context, taking into account their individual affiliation, belonging and authenticity.


Ohne unsere starke Partner wären wir nichts. Deshalb nutzen wir hier die Gelegenheit, uns für die vielen Jahre der Zusammenarbeit bei unseren Kooperationspartnern zu bedanken. Es ist für uns immer wieder gut zu erkennen, dass wir auf unsere Partner bauen können. Diese Erkenntnis lassen wir nach bestem Wissen und Gewissen in unsere Arbeit einfließen. Wir sind gern für unsere Mitmenschen da und stehen im ständigen Dialog mit unseren Kooperationspartnern, damit wir unsere Arbeit stets verbessern und anderen erleichtern können. Denn ständiger Wandel und umfassende Kommunikation sind feste Bestandteile effizienter Zusammenarbeit.

Dachverband Berliner Kinder- und Schülerläden (DaKS) e.V.

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seit 1947



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